Colorado Lawyers Recognize San Antonio DWI Attorney

dwiIf you are out having a good time, you may not stop and think about the serious repercussions of  driving while intoxicated. Some immediate effects if charged, can include jail time, significant fines, loss of drivers license, probation, mandatory drug and alcohol classes, or a required ignition interlock device. An experienced DWI attorney can possibly minimize the effects of these charges.  Click here to visit their website and evaluate your charges.

Employment could certainly be compromised by having a criminal record. More and more employers are conducting criminal background checks before hiring a prospective employee. This can be a huge embarrassment as well as effecting the hiring decision.

Your entire professional future could be impacted. It is very difficult to be accepted into college with a DWI conviction. The effect of a DWI on your personal life can be monumental. Family members may view you quite differently. Parents and spouses may lose respect and trust for your decisions. In addition to the uncertainty, embarrassment, and financial implications, this conviction can have such long term effects that can impact your family for years.

In the event that your conviction is a felony, you will lose personal liberties. You will not be allowed to vote or purchase a firearm. You will be ineligible for a passport.  In the event that your are not a US citizen, you may be deported. For the best possible outcome for your case visit their Facebook page for more information.